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Slackers Guild
Slackers Guild is a place where players can come and play the game in any fashion they want to, without the added pressure found in most conventional guilds. We have both extremely active players gearing towards end game content, as well as true-to-form Slackers who are more keen to meet, talk and have fun with their guildies. Whatever your preference, Slackers has a place for you!

So Slackers has now got a meeting place for when servers are down. But this site can be more than that. It can be a place to check updates on game content, to plan raids, to upload screenies; and all the other awesome things that a guild site should have. Please feel free to explore and make use of the features, and to also encourage fellow guildies to use the site as a resource for guild activities!
by Sabien on Dec 02, 2013 at 07:03 PM
Hi Guildies!

The results of the vote are in! As of tonight, we will be switching to the Allemanthia Alliance. So get ready for some change of scenery and new skills

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